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Trek from Yuksom (1500 m) to Goechala (5000 m ) Oct 2009

Raj and team – Trekking trip from Yuksom to Geachala Sept-Oct 2009

In the past I have trekked in North India say Kedarnath, neat Rishikeh, some place in very high altitude including Lahul , Spiti on the way to Leh, in South like Muthati, Bababulandgiri, Coorg etc, in the North east famous Shangri-La Trek and the latest one last year 2008, from Yuksom (1780 meter ) to Goechala ( 5000 meters) covering almost 80 km on foot in high mountains in 7 days. We were 6 people in group. We 4 from Microsoft. Me (Rajens), Dheeraj HN (dhirajh ) GTSC , Sayak Rana (sayakr) IDC - HYD, Krishnan Rengasamy (krishnar) IPG- BLR. Dheeraj knows me from our other south India Trek 2006, Sayak was my team member in Leh trek in 2006 and some south India trek. We had Harsha, friend of Dheeraj. Neeraj from Canada , who responded to my posting on the net same with Krishnan. We exchanged couple of mails and calls ready to go. Surprisingly Neeraj was so excited , that he left the job and came with us for long vacation. It was a perfect team, very accommodating, with high energy, zeal & confidence, sharing our experiences, life, helping each other on the way to destination, within few days we were as if we know each other for ages. During our trip of 16 days , based on our observation we had given nick names to each other. Some funny, like , Sayak a “Discovery channel”, as you can ask him anything under the sun and will get the answer, Krishnan was called as “PCO” , as during the starting days till Yuksom most of the time, whereever was the network, he was on phone only, Harsha as Jolly boy as he was always smiling and jolly , Dheeraj , I won’t call it here it was too funny , there was interesting and funny story , which I can’t write here :), name given to me was given serious a “Monk” , certainly not the one who sold his Ferrari :)

It took few months with my contacts in North east for bookings in Yuksom and checking for weather, best route, arranging for cook, porter, Yaks to carry loads , taking tent , sleeping bags and other stuffs on rent. By August we all were set. Return Tickets for Air, Train tickets were booked. List for shopping was ready to cover are meals for 10 days and other logistics.

Journey started from Bangalore to Kolkata on 27th Sep 2008, we did essential stuff shopping during the day. In night we boarded train to NJP - New Jalpaiguri. We reached NJP in the morning , our guide and porter were waiting , we negotiated with Sumo driver and headed for Yuksom our last stop of motorable destination. In between we stopped at NJP city market and purchased our ration , vegetables , kerosene and other stuff for next 10 days. Reached Yuksum by late evening 7pm. We had dinner and slept. Next day was suppose to be busy day as we needed to take permit for trekking from the local govt agencies and pack our stuff for next 10 days. When we got up, it was raining cat and dog. We had no option but to make changes in the schedule, one more day stopover in Yuksom after taking permit. We started our trek on 30th Sep. Told our family members that we be contactable only after 8 days in “ideal condition”. Emergency and rescue, incase, will be taken care by designated people I left behind with contact details. It was exciting journey, a very amazing, adventurous and spiritual experience. You are so near to the nature you just not adapt, it is funny but we don’t have habit of such silence. On day one you forget that electric switches can turn the lights or appliances on, cause now you are dependent with match sticks, candle or torches. Second day you will have nice morning tea in the shadow on snow peak mountain with early sun rise but you will forget that new paper exist. Third day you will reach your milestone in the evening after covering around 8 to 12 km high up in mountain and while having dinner sitting on cold grass/mat you will forget that electronic device name TV exist. By fifth day you will miss your family members but less than first day and you would forget that communication device such as cell phone exist, without which you used to think that world will stop and hell will break loose if you do not check SMS or mail in every next 5 min or not respond to them. Life is certainly different at 5000 meter away from civilization. You are much near to god and its creation. When you walk for 6-7 hours in those dense forest most of the time you will praise god for this beautiful creation called Earth or you will talk to team or most of the time discover yourself when you walk on that tough terrene. On 5th or 6th day trekking in very cold, weather, on muddy trek in rain, your body may push your brain “what the hell”, but you mind would have achieved the eternity and power to control the impulse the tell the body “hold on I am going through once in a life time exclusive experience , let us enjoy”.
Needless to say caution is key , as if you hurt yourself or fall sick, first of all medical help, consider nil or as bad as 5 days wait time, next the entire plan and schedule for entire trip will go haywire.
Drop a note on my id I have loads of amazing pictures this and other trips also, I would be happy to share with you.

Let me share our route and travel details:-

Day 01 :: Bangalore to Kolkata - Morning flight Arrival Kolkata – 7:55am
Arrive Kokata Airport and Go to hotel freshen up, hire a texi for a Day
Day visit Kolkata, Return to Station in the evening catch a train to New Jalpaiguri
Day 02 :: New Jalpai Guri – Yuksom Reach New JalpaiGuri in the Morning freshen up and after breakfast , take a shared taxi drive to Yuksum (1780 M) by covering approx. 123 kms in 7 hrs. Yuksum is the oldest capital of Sikkim where the first king was consecrated at 1642 A.D. It also has the oldest existing Monastery built during 1700 A.D. Overnight stay in hotel.
Day 03 :: Stop over at Yuksom due to rain
Day 04 :: Yuksom (1780m) - Bakhim (3035m) (Trek)Morning after breakfast start the first leg of trekking to reach Bhakim (3035 m) by covering approx. 13 kms in 9 hrs. The track is a Gradual Ascent and descent through the dense Verdant semi-tropical forest following the Pairag Chu. Overnight stay in tent, You would have never seen sky so clear and so many stars.Day 05 :: Bakhim (3035 m)- Dzongri (4030 m) (Trek)Morning start trekking to reach Dzongri (4030 m) along a well marked track by covering approx. 12 kms in 8 hrs. Initially the track climbs steeply. But as the track is through fascinating Rhododendron bushes running riot with color. Arrive at Dzongri. Last two days were killing in ascend. We covered 2250 meters roughly 7500 feet in just two days. Due such a heavy, trek and sweat last two days , in the nigh , I decide to take bath in chilling water coming from melted snow river. Everyone in team got shock with idea , my guide and cook said “ Mat nahao, saab aap mar jayega “ (don’t take bath sir you will die ) , but I was determined that would not sleep tonight without bath and change of clothes, which I did. Yes I am alive to write the experience but at that time bath was really a very very painful process, what is called numbness and uncontrolled shivering, I experienced that day. , which drive a shiver in my spine even today. Day 06 :: Dzongri (4030 m) – Thangsing (3800 m) (Trek) Early morning you have to trek to have a great view of Kanchenjunga snow peak with sun rise. Takes 2 hours to go up and come down.
Have breakfast and start trekking to reach Thangsing (3800 m) by covering approx. 8 kms in 6 hrs. One can have Fantastic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabri etc. From the Dzongri pass. Continue to reach Thangsing. Overnight stay in wooden hut.
Day 07 :: Thangsing (3800 m) - Lumini (Trek) Trekking to reach Lumini l (4000 m) by covering approx. 8 kms in 5 hrs. Almost flat. Near to Simiti lake , is one of the high altitude fresh water lakes found in the Bosom of mighty Himalayan ranges. This is also considered a very sacred lake. Arrive and camp by the side of the lake. Camp next to river relax , prepare for early morning 3am ascend.
Day 08 :: Lumini - Simiti Lake (4200 m) - Gochala (5000 m) –to Kokchrung (Trek) Trekking to reach Gochala (5000 m) by covering approx. 14 kms in 8 hrs. From the pass one can see the lofty and majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kabru and Kabru Dome etc. Retrace the route back to Kokchrung passing through Thanmsing. It is decend so you can cover more. Overnight stay in trekkers hut.Day 09 :: Kokchrung - Tsoka (Trek) Trekking to reach Tsoka (3710 m) in about 5 - 6 hrs. The trek winds its way down upto Phedong, the start of the Rhododendron trail. Overnight stay in trekkers hut.
Day 10:: Tsoka - Yuksom (Trek) Covering approx. 7kms in 4 hrs. relax in Hotel, in the nigh we sent o town had some snacks and back to civilization again.Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 11 :: Yuksom - Gangtok (Jeep)Morning after breakfast drive to Pemayangste (2085 m) by covering approx. 30 kms in 1 hr. Pemayangtse is one of the oldest and important Monasteries in Sikkim. Visit the Monastery, proceed to reach Gangtok (1810 m) by covering approx. 110 kms in 5 hrs. Arrive Gangtok and check into hotel for overnight stay.
Day 12 ,13 and 14 :: Gangtok (Local site seeing ) Excursion to Rumtek monastery, enroute visit the Institute of Tibetology and discover other place. Team did river rafting also.Day 15 :: Gangtok – New Jalpai Guri Shared Taxi. Early morning, transfer to New Jalpai Guri reach Jalpai guri in the evening catch a train to Kalkata
Day 16 (12th Oct ) :: Kolkata – Bangalore by Air
Arrive Kolkata in the morning and take a flight to Bangalore in the afternoon.

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Do you want to join Trek Sandakfu to Uttarey 6 days -26th Dec09-5th Jan10

Hi you all adventure seeking guys and gals trekkers,
Currently I am working on the exciting adventure and trekking trip in North East India. I am organizing these treks along with my friends and adventure club for 12 years. Current Trek plan covers exciting locations very near to Mt. Kanchendzonga with 360 deg view, along with view of Mt. Makalu, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Everest, Dhaulagiri range. As of now in the team for this year, it is me , my wife, my three colleagues from Microsoft, one along with his wife, one more friend total 7. I think we can have 3-4 more people in team to join us on this trip. Looking for 4 more members to make it richer.

Over all you need 10days (26th Dec2009 - 5th Jan2010) Let me know if you are interested, please write on the email id given below, i would love to share more details on cost and other details.
Location: This entire stretch of the trek borders between India (West Bengal, Sikkim) and Nepal
Trek route daywise

Day-1- Calcutta sightseeing during the day, catch the train in Night for NJP
Day-2- Reach NJP (8.45am), have breakfast and take Jeep from NJP to Ghoom to Sukiapokhri & reach Manebhanjan
Day-3- Maneybhanjan (2134m) to Meghma (2670m) to Jaubari (2750m)
Day-4- Jaubari(2750m) to Giribash to KalaPokhari (2950m) to Bhikey Bhanjan (3350m) to Sandakfu (3636m
Day-5- Stay in Sandakfu for acclimatization
Day-6- Sandakfu (3636m) to Phalut (3600m) via Sabarkum
Day-7- Phalut (3600m) to Kalizar Sabnam valley -Shinglila Pass - Overnight stay in Kalizar in tent , nature camping
Day-8- Kalizar to Achelley Dara-through Phoktey Dara, Thulodhad and Hageypani, stay in Achelle Dara in tent
Day-9- Achelley Dara to Uttarey Valley - pass through Thunki & Sherpa Villege. Overnight stay at Uttarey.
Day-10- Half day Stay in Uttarey and Dept to their destination

There would 1 day of sightseeing in Calcutta at the start of our trip, 1 day in transit from NJP to Maneybhanjan, then 6 full days (5-6hrs) of trek + 1 day stay in between for acclimatization in Sandakfu and ending in Uttarey .
Once you confirm, I will take care of arrangements and logistics on food, porter, guide, log hut stay, tents, sleeping bags, mats, utensils, Cal sightseeing etc. We would be crossing two territories. Our trek will start in WB and would end in Sikkim. There permit and other stuff we need to take as we would be along the border of Nepal. I would be working on that once I have fixed participants.
Thanks and Regards
Raj / / Bangalore / 1st Nov 2009

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July 2008 Pondicherry

We needed some outing desperately for at least a day or 2, and then Pondicherry came into our mind, as we heard a lot about the place so we wanted to be there as soon as possible. My husband immediately started surfing net and dialling several nos to travel agencies and hotels and enquired the same from our friend who already been there. One of our friend suggested to contact KPN travels for bus ticket, without loosing single minutes we enquired with them, we were lucky to get onward journey ticket in KPN to Pondicherry (350Kms from Bangalore) but nothing was available for coming back also we couldn’t find a single vacancy. We both decided to still proceed hoping to find one when we reach there. We planned our short trip keeping 2days & 1 night in mind so that we can join office on Monday. We reached Pondicherry around 6:00 AM on Saturday morning.

There is no better way to explore the Pondicherry than one with riding your own vehicle. No Worries! You can rent your favorite two wheeler and travel around the city independently. We immediately decided to hire a two-wheeler and first thing to book hotel for a night. We inquired with locals and found one two wheeler rental shop close to bus stand, we took an auto to reach bike stand. All he needed was ID card, driving license and advance money-Rs-500 to keep for himself in exchange for a vehicle. We took a Kinetic Honda. We headed to the city after filling in sufficient petrol. On the way to city we enquired with lots of hotel for room. When we reach to the famous beach street, we realized that the sea shore and the popular road touching the shore were filled with people at 6:30 AM. So many people – all ages – both male and female were taking a walk along the road enjoying the pure air and natural setting. Some running, some cycling, some performing surya namaskara, some sitting on the sands and doing meditation, some exercising – it was a scene to watch.

After driving couple of more kilometres we finally reached to Sir Aurobindo ashram as expected room was not vacant. The hotel receptionist told us to wait for sometime and come back after 1 hour. As we didn’t want to waste our crucial morning time in waiting there for a room, we took our bike immediately and left towards the beach. After couple of hours we came back to the ashram, we got fresh in waiting room, had our breakfast in Aurobindo ashram. Pondicherry is famous for Aurobindo Ashram. There are lots of foreigners who come here to experience Indian spiritualism at the ashram. We were lucky to get a room. The room was fantastic. On the second floor with a great balcony overlooking the garden and off to views of the promenade and sea. Being higher up, we had the benefit of having fresh breeze. The ashram set, lots of rules that guests have to follow such as no smoking, no alcohol, a 10pm curfew, no music, no TVs, no Room service, silence after 9pm and such. We took some rest for a very short nap (more like a power nap) and suddenly, I realise my husband is not around and I slept for awhile due to tiredness. I immediately called him he was at Sharma travels for our return ticket booking. By the time I got ready. He came after inquiring about nearby good eating joints, had coconut water, walked on the beach side for a while and also booked our returned tickets to Bangalore through Sharma travels.

We both left the ashram after lunch to look around the city, We drove around the whole community and didn’t stop at any specific places from one end to other end. In the south end of the beach road, where the fish market is active – bulk quantities of fishes are being sold to small retailers.

Due to limitation of time we drove to straight to Auroville, a conceptual town about 9KMs from Pondicherry town. We reached Auroville after 1 hour drive; we went to the reception Centre where we were shown a film on Auroville. Auroville is a town conceptualised around the fact of Universal Brother-hood. Everyone in this town is equal, no sorrow, no bonding for a country, not bounded by any borders, rules, no tears, no fears rule over. After the film show, we were asked to collect passes to visit Matrimandir. We walked over a kilometre to visit the place, It was a very peaceful place surrounded by beautiful gardens made of very old and odd trees and gorgeous bright colored flowers. The Matrimandir, which is not a temple but a place for individual silent concentration, is set at the centre of the emerging township which covers an area of 62 acres and is seen as “a symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection". The walking tour to the remarkable monument was very pleasant from inner but very hot outside, the monument was a form of massive golden globe structure that is constructed with a huge auditorium space, with the inner surface of it, lighted by a divine crystal that is the whole of this temple. Unfortunately, it was under renovation and we were not allowed to go inside.

While coming from Auroville, we stopped at nearby restaurant. This was located above the solar kitchen and was a very nice restaurant in Auroville. They have a variety of Italian and French items and also some special Vegan items. The only hitch was that you need to have an Auroville account and only Auroville cards (given for resident Aurovillians and for some guests) is accepted and no cash will be accepted. We drove back to city. On the way back, we stopped in nearby restaurant to have evening snakes. This hotel was really good and they had sceneries on wall which excited us a lot to preserve for lifetime. We reached ashram around 8pm. After bath we walked out from ashram for dinner, we had dinner in nearby restaurant as we have to come back before 10.30pm to ashram.

Next day morning, after a quick breakfast, we started from hotel and been to Aurobindo Ashram. Located on rue de la Marine, it is one of the most well known and wealthiest ashrams in India, with devotees from all over the world coming for spiritual salvation. the main ashram building is where the mortal remains of Aurobindo and the Mother are kept. Their ‘Samadhi’ or mausoleum, which is generally surrounded by supplicating devotees, is in the central courtyard under a frangipani tree and is covered daily with flowers. We sat there for sometime and offered flower to Samadhi’s and prayed for peace of their souls. we got free by 1pm.

We just kept riding into the city, purchased couple of little mud made item from local market had our lunch in Swarna Bhawan.

We drove a little from the Ashram and explored very well known massage centre called “Ayurveda Holistic Healing Centre”. As we wanted to experience the same we booked our time from 4pm onwards to 6pm. In between we had two hours so we came back to our ashram, took some rest and drove back to massage centre, me and my husband both enjoyed the massage, during the course they were singing some Mantra and gave steam to your body to relax. But over all it was not that great as we expected seems.

When we left from centre we took one road which leads us to Srimanakula Vinayakar Temple. This temple is more than 300 years old and is dedicated to Ganesha. It has a golden spire and walls portraying forty different forms of Ganesha. The temple also has a smaller shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan, who is Ganesha’s younger brother. The main attraction at the temple is the temple elephant, ‘Lakshmi’. It takes coins from people and blesses them by placing his trunk on their head. You can even feed the elephant here. It is a hungry little thing, always waiting for food from passersby and sniffing peoples hand as they walk by. The temple has been there even much before the French came to the city. We been to temple and prayed there for sometime. Outside the temple there was small market from where we purchased few things which attracted us a lot.

In the evening, Sunday market was ON and we loved cloth shopping there on street and that's the one the best part which we liked about Pondicherry.

In the late evening, we have to catch the bus so we rush to our hotel, packed our luggage and drove back to return the Kinetic and got our document back. We rushed quickly to bus stand and finally our journey started back to Bangalore and memorising our 2days spent in the company of sea and bike

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Trek to Leh via Lahul-Spiti Jul2006

Hi all,

Finally we were team of 10 trek enthusiast who dared to trek on the high altitude of thin air.
I, Sayak and Tony, we three were from Microsoft and seven of our other team members were from different software company in Bangalore & Delhi.
I build my entire team for this trek through MS- Adventure club and BMC (Bangalore Mountaineering Club). Apart form Tony ( my gym pal) I did not know any one of my team members prior to six months.
Everything was going on the net and emails, right from collecting information about best route for trek in that range, searching and hiring guide, bookings of tickets, hotels, vehicles etc, communication with all team members, till we met just 15 days before the departure. It took me around 5 months to plan everything and prepare a confident team. A team to trek for 8 to 12 hours a day that too in tough cold terrain for 5 days in bad weather and less oxygen, with limited food, water , medicine supply and zero medical or emergency facilities.
We all started as planed on the same route (attached itinerary, trek map), on 27th July and our journey ended on 8th August, for some of us who did not fly back from Leh to Delhi it ended on 10th August.
We completed our trek of 5 days from Batal to Baralacha as plan even with bad weather. It was a true adventure trek, everyday there was new challenging experience.
An unforgettable journey, a memory which will last forever. I am writing a detailed blog, it’s taking bit time; I will share the same once it is complete.
Till the time enjoy all the pictures from the
Free feel to ask for assistance, if you are planning trek in that region.
Thanks and Regards
Raj /

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My Singalila Trek in north - Sep2007

Hi all,
Let me share the pics and some details of my last trek in North east during Sep 2007.
Many of you had chit chat in corridors about it and had asked me for details and pics repeatedly, this Sunday I made sure that I will share it with you all. Better late than never J . So here it is.
It is known as Singalila Trek. This trek was also very interesting for me, as did the same trek route exactly 10 years back, when I was in Calcutta. Now the group was changed, itinerary and other logistic were changed but the beauty of nature and trek remained the same. I found these jungles and mountains standing there, untouched and unspoiled. Preserved in the lap of nature. Apart from when you find, annoying non bio degradable plastic wrapper of Chewing gums, toffees and empty plastics packs of chips and plastic bottles, left here and there by careless trekkers. Anyway it was nice to trek through mountains and jungles with magnificent close view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks range and glimpses of Mt. Everest from some part of it.
You can find map at
Those who are very much interested in more details , can visit following sites
There are many sites which gives you customized view and details about this trek but these above sites are very close to our customised plan and route.
Every year I search kind of similar sites depending on where I want to go. Gather information, make my own customized plan based on information collected from adventure, Gov. , Commercial & professional trekkers site and blogs. Then call , email or co-ordinate and try to find a local guy. Make things final ready for booking. Share the plan on adventure, trekker and travel sites. Answer queries , interact with interested people and select my group members. Go ahead do bookings, and you are ready go :)
Try it , it is great fun, if you have taste of adventure , it is far better the lazy around in luxury resorts.
Our original plan was as follows
North East Trek plan - Sep'07

1. 20-Sep-07 Thursday BLR - CAL Cal sightseeing , catch the training in Night for NJP
2. 21-Sep-07 Friday NJP Reach NJP in the morning, leave for Manibhanjan to Sandakfu, reach Sandakfu in the evening
3. 22-Sep-07 Saturday Sandakfu Stay in Sandakfu
4. 23-Sep-07 Sunday Phalut full day trek - Sandakfu to Phalut - Overnight stay in Phalut trekkers hut
5. 24-Sep-07 Monday Garke full day trek - Phalut to Gorkhey - Overnight stay in Gorkhey trekkers hut
6. 25-Sep-07 Tuesday Sreekhola full day trek - Gorkhey to Sreekhola - Overnight stay in Sreekhola trekkers hut
7. 26-Sep-07 Wednesday Rimbik half day trek - Shreekhola to Rimbhik 6 km, then drive for 3 hours , reach Darjeeling in evening
8. 27-Sep-07 Thursday Darjeeling Darjeeling - Sight seeing full day
9. 28-Sep-07 Friday Darjeeling Darjeeling - Sight seeing half day
10. 29-Sep-07 Saturday Darjeeling Leaving Darjeeling afternoon to NJP , Reach NJP in the evening , catch night train from NJP to Cal
11. 30-Sep-07 Sunday NJP/Cal/Blr Reach Cal morning and catch the flight for Abhi, for the rest of the gang will do sightseeing in Cal
12. 01-Oct-07 Monday BLR Catch the morning flight back to Bangalore

For 23rd Sep we had replaced Phalut with Molley at the last minute on our guide advice. Away from civilization, being cut from your basic requirement such as electricity, phone, radio, tv etc for few days is a different experience. Apart from tough mountain terrain, cold, rain and weather, trek had lots of unexpected events which made our trip more adventurous. Twice jeep failure on two different places, leaving us stranded in jungle for long time. Getting caught in local riots, while return from Darjeeling to NJP. Driver got beaten up badly for taking us in Jeep on so called “No Movement Day” , saving driver was quite an effort, then we were chased again by drunken local mob on the same route, we ran for our life. Took shatter in house, the gentlemen was influential person in the village offered us food , water and shelter for the day. Then in evening we located nearby police station and took police escort to get us safe passage from riot ridden village and drunken mod. We missed the train in NJP on 29th, due to this circus. We could not go to hotel as city was in curfews. Slept on the floor at the railway station in NJP, with mosquitoes inviting their friends, making feast out of you. Lost next day travelling in train which we planned for Calcutta sightseeing.
enjoy the pics at

My favourite one is you ask is Leh. :)
Amazing life time experience of trekking from Batal (3500m) to Baralachhala Pass(4800m), one of the toughest terrain, less oxygen and extreme weather conditions. Worth taking all when you see different colours in mountains, blue water lake that height and beautiful landscape with snow peak at backdrops. You must try once. :)


Want to join trek in Sikkim Sept 2008?

Hi All,
I am planning trekking in Sikkim starting 27th Sept 2008. It will be famous trek of Yuksom To Dzongri may be we will add Goecha La not sure, with expected group of around 8 people. End to end it would take 2 week in all. We would need to arrange , tent, sleeping bags, food, utencils to cook, porters, cook, guide, etc. I am working to arrange and book. I starting booking for the trip once I have number group members final with me. I have plane with me let me know if you need details and you are interested on Something more i would like to share below about last year Sept.I have done trek in North East. It is known as Singalila Trek.

You can find pics on
This trek was also very interesting for me, as did the same trek route exactly 10 years back, when I was in Calcutta. Now the group was changed, itinerary and other logistic were changed but the beauty of nature and trek remained the same. I found these jungles and mountains standing there, untouched and unspoiled. Preserved in the lap of nature. Apart from when you find, annoying non bio degradable plastic wrapper of Chewing gums, toffees and empty plastics packs of chips and plastic bottles, left here and there by careless trekkers. Anyway it was nice to trek through mountains and jungles with magnificent close view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks range and glimpses of Mt. Everest from some part of it. Write me if you need more details.
Then in 2006 I had gone to Leh that was also amazing trip , have look at the pics at
let me know if you need more details.