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My Singalila Trek in north - Sep2007

Hi all,
Let me share the pics and some details of my last trek in North east during Sep 2007.
Many of you had chit chat in corridors about it and had asked me for details and pics repeatedly, this Sunday I made sure that I will share it with you all. Better late than never J . So here it is.
It is known as Singalila Trek. This trek was also very interesting for me, as did the same trek route exactly 10 years back, when I was in Calcutta. Now the group was changed, itinerary and other logistic were changed but the beauty of nature and trek remained the same. I found these jungles and mountains standing there, untouched and unspoiled. Preserved in the lap of nature. Apart from when you find, annoying non bio degradable plastic wrapper of Chewing gums, toffees and empty plastics packs of chips and plastic bottles, left here and there by careless trekkers. Anyway it was nice to trek through mountains and jungles with magnificent close view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks range and glimpses of Mt. Everest from some part of it.
You can find map at
Those who are very much interested in more details , can visit following sites
There are many sites which gives you customized view and details about this trek but these above sites are very close to our customised plan and route.
Every year I search kind of similar sites depending on where I want to go. Gather information, make my own customized plan based on information collected from adventure, Gov. , Commercial & professional trekkers site and blogs. Then call , email or co-ordinate and try to find a local guy. Make things final ready for booking. Share the plan on adventure, trekker and travel sites. Answer queries , interact with interested people and select my group members. Go ahead do bookings, and you are ready go :)
Try it , it is great fun, if you have taste of adventure , it is far better the lazy around in luxury resorts.
Our original plan was as follows
North East Trek plan - Sep'07

1. 20-Sep-07 Thursday BLR - CAL Cal sightseeing , catch the training in Night for NJP
2. 21-Sep-07 Friday NJP Reach NJP in the morning, leave for Manibhanjan to Sandakfu, reach Sandakfu in the evening
3. 22-Sep-07 Saturday Sandakfu Stay in Sandakfu
4. 23-Sep-07 Sunday Phalut full day trek - Sandakfu to Phalut - Overnight stay in Phalut trekkers hut
5. 24-Sep-07 Monday Garke full day trek - Phalut to Gorkhey - Overnight stay in Gorkhey trekkers hut
6. 25-Sep-07 Tuesday Sreekhola full day trek - Gorkhey to Sreekhola - Overnight stay in Sreekhola trekkers hut
7. 26-Sep-07 Wednesday Rimbik half day trek - Shreekhola to Rimbhik 6 km, then drive for 3 hours , reach Darjeeling in evening
8. 27-Sep-07 Thursday Darjeeling Darjeeling - Sight seeing full day
9. 28-Sep-07 Friday Darjeeling Darjeeling - Sight seeing half day
10. 29-Sep-07 Saturday Darjeeling Leaving Darjeeling afternoon to NJP , Reach NJP in the evening , catch night train from NJP to Cal
11. 30-Sep-07 Sunday NJP/Cal/Blr Reach Cal morning and catch the flight for Abhi, for the rest of the gang will do sightseeing in Cal
12. 01-Oct-07 Monday BLR Catch the morning flight back to Bangalore

For 23rd Sep we had replaced Phalut with Molley at the last minute on our guide advice. Away from civilization, being cut from your basic requirement such as electricity, phone, radio, tv etc for few days is a different experience. Apart from tough mountain terrain, cold, rain and weather, trek had lots of unexpected events which made our trip more adventurous. Twice jeep failure on two different places, leaving us stranded in jungle for long time. Getting caught in local riots, while return from Darjeeling to NJP. Driver got beaten up badly for taking us in Jeep on so called “No Movement Day” , saving driver was quite an effort, then we were chased again by drunken local mob on the same route, we ran for our life. Took shatter in house, the gentlemen was influential person in the village offered us food , water and shelter for the day. Then in evening we located nearby police station and took police escort to get us safe passage from riot ridden village and drunken mod. We missed the train in NJP on 29th, due to this circus. We could not go to hotel as city was in curfews. Slept on the floor at the railway station in NJP, with mosquitoes inviting their friends, making feast out of you. Lost next day travelling in train which we planned for Calcutta sightseeing.
enjoy the pics at

My favourite one is you ask is Leh. :)
Amazing life time experience of trekking from Batal (3500m) to Baralachhala Pass(4800m), one of the toughest terrain, less oxygen and extreme weather conditions. Worth taking all when you see different colours in mountains, blue water lake that height and beautiful landscape with snow peak at backdrops. You must try once. :)


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daksh kapoor said...

First a fall, I would like to tell you that you have done a wonderful task and your experience seems to be amazing.
Keep it up.

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